Frequently Asked Questions

BIT-2016 (abbreviated from Business. Information. Technology) is a general name of a unique series of international forums and conferences that won recognition among IT, telecom and business communities of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Belarus and other countries of the region.

There is a direct connection between them. CIS Events Group organizes events on a variety of subjects. The names of our specific forums and conferences depend on «building blocks» they consist of. If we are talking about «Around Cable. Around IP», then the abbreviation is ACAIP. If we are to host «Around Data Center. Around IP», then we use ADCAIP abbreviation etc. And we often use BIT abbreviation as a general name.

This is the process of checking applications for the eligibility to attend our event free of charge. Depending on the results, a person that has applied for attendance can take part in the event either on a free-of-charge basis (if he or she is an end user) or at a charge (if he or she is a supplier of ICT goods and solutions). The price for a paying attendee depends on a qualification category he or she belongs to. Please read about our qualification categories in detail in the Policy Attendance section.

Our partners bear all costs related to the event, including food, beverages, the lease of venue and equipment, as well as prizes. The participants of our Expo bear transport expenses to bring their equipment. The speakers prepare exciting content, as well as pay for their travel tickets and accommodation. In order that our attendees, who are the consumers of our partners' goods and services, could enjoy free attendance as well as work and communicate conveniently and productively during the event, we need to maintain a certain qualification level among attendees. The number of those who wish to attend our event is significant so we are unable to approve all applications. We also have to limit the number of same-company attendees eligible to free attendance.

You can have your business trip certificates stamped at our registration desk or at CIS Events Group's booth.

Attention! Please fill in all fields of the form marked with an asterisk (*).

Attention! Please fill in all fields of the form marked with an asterisk (*).

Внимание! Необходимо заполнить все поля анкеты, помеченные звездочкой (*).

Attention! Please fill in all fields of the form marked with an asterisk (*).