Key themes and topics

Cloud Computing & Virtualization

  • cloud technologies for business (including SMB)

  • cloud computing for corporate communications

  • infrastructure solutions for the cloud

  • applications offered as SaaS

  • SDN (Software Defined Networks)

  • virtualization of computing resources

IT Innovations

  • improving the efficiency of the company with IT

  • universal communication instruments (unified communications, IP telephony)

  • modern business processes and IT

  • economic and legal aspects

  • improving accessibility to corporate resources

IT Services For Business

  • data storage as a service

  • services for the smooth operation of the corporate network

  • data centers services for business


  • CCTV components (SD and HD)

  • design of video surveillance networks

  • video data buffering, storage and analysis

  • CCTVoIP implementation for various applications

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • intelligent solutions for business and digital transformation

  • smart solutions for homes, cities, cars, utilities, manufacturers, agriculture etc.

  • boosting the effectiveness manufacturing with the Internet of Things

  • industrial Internet of Things – platforms and solutions to build and use IoT at industrial enterprises: from sensors to the cloud

  • business intelligence and data processing in IoT

  • IoT and the industrial Internet of Things security

Information Security

  • intrusion prevention

  • physical security of IT

  • abusive practices and its analysis

  • audit of resources and communication costs

  • services administration outsourcing

  • legislation

Data Centers & Server Rooms

  • construction of data centers

  • deployment of IT infrastructure

  • engineering infrastructure design

  • data center cabling infrastructure

  • modular and containerized data centers

  • reliable and cost effective power and cooling systems

  • renewable energy, green technology

  • managing and monitoring

  • automation and control

  • fire safety systems and access control

  • security systems, networks and resource protection

Wireless Technologies

  • standards, technologies and solutions (Wi-Fi, WiMAX, etc.)

  • construction of local and distributed wireless networks

  • design and legislation

  • information security

  • antenna feeders components

  • testing and diagnosisа

VoIP (Voice over IP)

  • VoIP solutions and components

  • integration with traditional telephony

  • designing and implementing VoIP

  • VoIP and Unified Communications

  • LAN preparation for VoIP

  • VoIP security

V2oIP (voice & video)

  • video, video conferencing, telepresence

  • designing of conference rooms and meeting rooms

  • MCU (Multipoint Control Unit)

  • video integration with Unified Communications

  • video systems and video conferencing implementing

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