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Catalogue of International Grand Forum «Business & IT. Around DC. Around Cloud. Around Automation. WLAN Academy. Around IP» in Kyiv

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102 Flexible cloud computing in projects: NPV and IRR calculation for a project implemented in LattelecomCloud.
Andrey Dobrovolsky, head of system administration department, Foxtrot

1,14 MB (downloads: 690)


103 **IT happens. Disaster recovery and backup solutions.
Mindaugas Pranskevichus, CEO, Baltneta

480,17 kB (downloads: 661)


104 Clouds (IaaS) in questions and answers.
Yuri Bonar, CTO, SIM-Networks (Ukraine)

766,98 kB (downloads: 753)


105 Clouds not as just a technology but a new way of doing business.
Artem Kokhanevich, CEO, GigaCloud

4,12 MB (downloads: 213)


107 De Novo cloud business cases and solutions 2016.
Eugene Osinsky, deputy business development manager, De Novo

1,75 MB (downloads: 637)


108 Workstation virtualization using various hypervisors. Pros and cons.
Ingus Homka, Consultant Solutions Data Centers, Lattelecom

1,37 MB (downloads: 652)


109 Hybrid IT infrastructure for corporations, data centers and service providers based on Software Defined Network technology.
Alexey Yefremenko, head of sales support department, Nokia

1,74 MB (downloads: 667)


110 Kingston Technology products for the corporate market.
Viktor Samoilov, Development Manager memory business in Ukraine, Kingston

1,86 MB (downloads: 613)


111 IT infrastructure: from a traditional to the remote one. The guide to success.
Andrey Semenyuk, IT-Director, Pharmacy Chain D.S. (Market Universal LTD, Ukraine)

528,6 kB (downloads: 762)


112 Modern targeted attacks and methods of protection against them.
Alexander Illusha, lead technical specialist, ESET in Ukraine

1,49 MB (downloads: 527)


113 Network Functions Virtualization for ISPs.
Julia Khalavchuk, consultant, S&T Ukraine

1,2 MB (downloads: 639)


114 Premium Line as data center's blood circulatory system
Alexander Didyk, product manager UPS Legrand, Premium Line, IQ Trading

1,82 MB (downloads: 566)


115 Specificities of internal protection against sure.
Eugene Barannik, lead specialist, OBO Bettermann Ukraine

2,23 MB (downloads: 660)


116 Comprehensive solutions for data centers from Legrand: effectiveness, flexibility, innovations
Nikolay Madinov, product manager Legrand, Minkels, IQ Trading

3,86 MB (downloads: 616)


118 Do you really need in-house solutions? E-mail and outside environments.
Victoria Weinikke, CEO, SMS

2,74 MB (downloads: 551)


119 Technology for a smart law firm.
Andrey Gorbatenko, associate partner of law firm, Legal Alliance

1,64 MB (downloads: 629)


202 The end of Wi-Fi era in Ukraine.
Oleg Sobolev, chairman of Wireless Ukraine Association, member of the Community Council with NKRSI and Derzhspetszviazok of Ukraine, , Wireless Ukraine

954,41 kB (downloads: 628)


203 Modern EDIMAX PRO devices for enterprise Wi-Fi networks.
Alexander Bugaichuk, regional manager, Edimax

2,58 MB (downloads: 617)


204 Upgrade or buy brand-new hardware: why it is profitable to extend the service life of Nortel/Avaya PBX.
Eugene Oseredko, COO, NorteX

2,97 MB (downloads: 617)


205 Cloud solutions for access control systems from Simons Voss
Denis Sachivka , head of sales department, Unitop

1,1 MB (downloads: 614)


206 MICROSENS SMART OFFICE – workplaces become intelligent.
Gerald Graf, sales director, Microsens

1,89 MB (downloads: 605)


207 Opportunities to use modern spectral broadening-enabled devices to provide wireless services.
Alexander Mazurenko, CEO, Covert Wireless Communications

1,93 MB (downloads: 607)


302 Digital transformation — major trends in the Ukrainian industry
Alexander Yurchak, CEO, the Ukrainian Association of Industrial Automation Enterprises

2,47 MB (downloads: 621)


303 Hands-on experience of choosing cloud providers
Miroslav Migovich, head of project department, SIM-Networks (Ukraine)

846,33 kB (downloads: 611)


304 EASY AUTOMATION technology from a Ukrainian vendor.
Lev Vanian, CEO, Innovatsiino Technichni Rishennia

1,87 MB (downloads: 601)


305 OCP: registration is open.
Alexander Podenny, LoB manager, Novatek-Electro with OVERVIS business line

10,54 MB (downloads: 558)


305 OCP: registration is open.
Alexander Podenny, LoB manager, Novatek-Electro with OVERVIS business line

3,85 MB (downloads: 455)


306 Digital transformation of a large metallurgy complex
Maxim Romanov, head of APCS department, AMKR

1,43 MB (downloads: 647)


307 The Chaos Team in the manufacturing industry. Integrating shop floor with sales and marketing departments
Victoria Weinikke, CEO, SMS

2,73 MB (downloads: 614)


308 Compressor station automation technology 4.0
Oleg Kisilevsky, CEO, Kaeser Kompressoren Ukraine

3,44 MB (downloads: 606)


309 Optimizing electromagnetic capability costs.
Gennady Tkachenko, CEO, OBO Bettermann

4,08 MB (downloads: 593)


311 ConnectHome – affordable home automation solutions
Andrey Gordienko, Sales and Marketing Director, ConnectHome Ukraine

3,02 MB (downloads: 613)

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